Articles in Japanese (日本語解説)
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  Refereed Papers

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    Phase diagram of the square lattice Hubbard model with Rashba-type antisymmetric spin-orbit coupling

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    Entanglement spectrum as a marker for phase transitions in the density embedding theory for interacting spinless fermionic models
    Selected as Editor's choice

  15. Katsuhiro Tanaka, Chisa Hotta
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    Finite temperature thermodynamic properties of the spin-1 nematics in an applied magnetic field

  16. Katsuhiro Tanaka, Chisa Hotta
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    Thermal Hall effect and topological edge states in a square lattice antiferromagnet
    selected as Kaleidoscope

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    Designing spin momentum locking in inversion-symmetry broken antiferromagnets

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    Magnetic susceptibility of quantum spin systems calculated by sine square deformation: One-dimensional, square lattice, and kagome lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnets

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