Curriculum Vitae

Date of birth: Jan. 8, 197*.
Place of birth: Hiroshima, JPN.
Nationality: Japan

  4/1990-3/1993, Student at Notre Dame Seishin highschool, Hiroshima, JPN
  4/1993-3/1999, Student at University of Tokyo (science I)
  3/1999, Diploma thesis at University of Tokyo in the group of Prof. Hidetoshi Fukuyama
  4/2000-9/2003, Join the group of Prof. Masao Ogata in Department of Physics,University of Tokyo
  4/1999-3/2002, phD student of the institute for solid state physics (ISSP) in the group of Prof. Hidetoshi Fukuyama
3/2002, phD thesis at University of Tokyo(ISSP)

4/2000-3/2002. Junior Research Associate in RIKEN
4/2002-9/2003 Special research postdoctoral fellow in RIKEN
10/2003-3/2007 Research associate stuff of Aoyama Gakuin University in the group of Prof. Kenn Kubo
4/2007-3/2010, Lecturer in Kyoto Sangyo University
4/2010-3/2014, Associate professor in Kyoto Sangyo University
4/2014, Associate professor in the University of Tokyo, KOMABA.
Since 4/2022, Professor in the University of Tokyo, KOMABA.

Prize: 2014 Young Scientist's prize from the ministry of education, sports, and culture, JPN