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Non-invasive analysis of cell membrane dynamics based on bio-field effect transistor (FET)

Cell functional analysis is more and more important for cell biology, regenerative medicine, and drug development. By combining cell-processing technology with nano/micro fabrication technologies, we will develop bio-sensing devices for cell functional analysis. As one of the examples, we have been investigating cell-based field effect transistors (FETs) to realize non-invasive analysis of cell membrane dynamics. The surface of the gate insulator is chemically modified with functional molecules for stable cell culture on the gate. Quantitative analysis of the cell adhesion, and specific binding of proteins or transporters on the cell membrane can be detected without damaging the cell activity using the cell-based FETs. Dynamic movement and electrical phenomena of cell membranes can also be analyzed with the cell-based FETs, which would leads to new findings in the field of cell biology. Since bio-sensing devices using nano/micro fabrication technologies are easily integrated and arrayed, they are useful for high throughput screening in regenerative medicine, and drug development.

Affiliation Biomaterials Center, National Institute for Materials Science /
Department of Materials Engineering,
Graduate School of Engineering,
The University of Tokyo
Major Field Bioelectronics, Bio-sensing devices
Co-investigator Akira MATSUMOTO
TEL +81-29-860-4506 / +81-3-5841-1797
FAX +81-29-860-4714 / +81-3-5841-1797
Address 1-1, Namiki, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0044
Co-worker Takuzo AIDA
Kazunori KATAOKA
Toshiya SAKATA
Yuichi TEI/ Ung-il CHUNG


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