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Human Resource Development

- Human resources to be developed -

Standing on its solid foundation for promotion of the world's most advanced research and development and advanced medicine built in close cooperation with the fields of medicine, engineering, and pharmaceutical sciences, the CMSI will establish a framework that provides researchers with the opportunity to learn the reality of a variety of practical applications and industries and gain experience in the real world. Making full use of this framework, the CMSI will integrate multiple disciplines for materialization of an advanced medical system into a science and develop an educational system designed to educate cosmopolitan individuals who will lead the field. Those individuals are expected to demonstrate the ability to understand, promote, and evaluate advanced science and technologies typified by nanomedicine; have a wide insight into society, economics, and management; lead society; and pave the way for the practical application and industrialization of the advanced science and technology.

- Human Resource Development Overview -

Training paths Post-training paths
Training paths Post-training paths

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